I haven’t written too much on here because I’ve been busy with other areas related to writing.

Here’s what I’ve been up to….

I am extra excited about that because with over 400,000 members, In The Rooms is a huge website for recovery and addiction resources.

First prize is 500! So if you wouldn’t mind helping me out by clicking the link and checking out my poem, I’d appreciate it!  Share it somewhere if you really like it! It’s titled, Take My Hand. I so hope I win!!

  • I may now periodically contribute to Addiction Unscripted
  • I am no longer a contributor for My Trending Stories

Nothing personal, just wasn’t my cuppa’ tea.

  • I began taking a 4 week course on Freelance Writing.  On top of a free course I’m following along with here on WordPress.

All of this, along with being a mom and wife, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but in a good way.

*don’t lose interest, I’m still here!*

I must mention that the progress and support I’ve gotten from writing in areas of addiction has been a very special experience. It’s one that I hope to continue doing for a very long time. Losing my family to addiction was incredibly hard and unfortunately they will never get the chance to get well. Being able to share my experiences with those that have to chance to change, further validates my pain and allows me take negative experiences and turn them into a positive. The entire scenario is so close to my heart that the happiness I feel goes far beyond just having my work published. That for me, is the height of personal passion and success. How lucky I am. 

Actually, I would love to be an addiction counselor for a rehab retreat or facility. Even if it meant I had to move around the country…. That’s my ultimate dream! 

I hope everyone else is doing well! What’s been going on with you guys??


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