As if we needed anymore places to find me right? Well it seems we are all in luck because my writing has expanded. EXCITED! I am now a contributor for My Trending Stories and I Love Recovery Café.


  • My Trending Stories is a blog site that is made up of work from all different areas. Politics, Life, Sports, Religion, etc. So the things I write there will be more random and generalized. It’s a great place for getting out my ideas for recipes and sharing family stories.
  • I love Recovery Café is made up of writings from people in recovery or who have knowledge of addictions, mental illness, or recovery. Since my parents did me a solid and gave me plenty of experience on those subjects, I will be writing more “specialized” posts there.

Right out of the gate let me be totally honest, you will likely find more of me on I Love Recovery Café. (as long as the editor continues to like my work) I feel I have more of an ability to help others and make a difference with my writing there. I also like that the editor comes across as down to earth, receptive and relatable.

Check out both pages, each are interesting and full of great content. As always you will still be able to find me right here in my own brain space. I know you were super worried about that!

Until next time…..





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