You love me. You hug me. You take me everywhere with you. You dress me in the prettiest little outfits. Ones that even match your own sometimes. You brush my hair and put it in pretty little ribbons. You hold me tight in bed at night. I know you love me because you treat me like you do. I know that you need me for those times you are scared

You brush my hair so hard it hurts. You twist my arms and legs in positions that hurt. You throw me on the floor and step on me. When you get sick of me you put me on a shelf. I collect dust. My clothes become ragged. Even worse you undress me, leaving me naked and exposed. I wonder why you don’t love me anymore. All I’ve done is be here for you. Yet you call me stupid in front of your friends. Then sometimes you hold me again at night and I feel like you still love me. I’m just so confused and you’re making me angry and sad.

I’d rather be your doormat, not your doll. At least then I would know exactly what to expect every time I see you-the shit on your shoes. Not love that’s only convenient for you. Please just throw me away and leave me alone. I don’t like you anymore. 
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