I was born to two drug addicts.

I am not a drug addict.

I was surrounded by a lot of sadnessand heartache.

I am a happy person.

I was born into a family of obese people.

I am no longer overweight.

I was born into a family of abusers. Not JUST my parents and not just physical abuse

I do not abuse my children.

I come from genes of alcoholics.

I am not an alcoholic.

I had a mother that didn’t know how to open up to me.

I am open and loving with my girls.

I lived in shitty motels as a young child.

My babies have never lived in a motel and never will if I have anything to do with it!

I gave up a banking career to become a stay-at-home parent.

I will never be a banker again, instead a Health Coach. (who says you can’t have babies and then reinvent yourself?)

I am in constant movement. I am not complacent. I am not OK with what is handed to me. I need more. I want better. Always have, always will.

I am change, strength, and damn amazing. If you have never had your character tested the way I have, I don’t expect you to understand my self praise. I’ve spent my whole life changing circumstances and its about time I give myself some credit for it.

I always hear from others that my parents are looking down and are proud of me but it hasn’t ever been a concern of mine. To be TOTALLY honest, I do not give a crap whether my parents are proud of me. I personally don’t think they have a say either way. I’m proud of me. That’s enough!

Considering where I came from, I am pretty proud to be the mother my girls have. They will know strength. They will be smart. They will know they can be whatever they want. They will know how to CHANGE anything they want to!

In closing, I have a lot of understanding for MANY situations but little tolerance for adults, kids and a world that refuses to change to be better. I also have little tolerance for those that are too closed-minded to understand situations. The sooner you can open your mind and accept things for what they are the sooner you can, you guessed it-CHANGE!

Here’s what that looks like.


Make the CHOICE to suck it up and do it! Whatever it is you need to do….





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