Happy 4th of July everyone!

So every year for 4th of July my husband and I usually take the girls and head over to his parents house at some point. Either the day of or the weekend of.We have a barbecue and celebrate my father in law’s birthday which is only a few days after the 4th. Every year I try to make some sort of festive dessert and/or birthday cake for my father in law. It’s always nice to spend time with family and celebrate a birthday together.

This year was no different. The dessert came out just lovely. It was a cute little watermelon. Now I know you’re saying to yourself, there’s nothing special about a watermelon BUT my watermelon was watermelon flavored gelatin in a watermelon rind with chocolate chips as the seeds. The gelatin set in time and it tasted delicious too! Everyone loved it. Thank goodness!

watermelon 2

The cake was atrocious looking! Scary stuff going on there.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s grandpa’s birthday cake!  

(except it wasn’t coming out of the sky)

dads cake


My father in law is not one to bite his tongue but he did this year. He simply looked quizzically at his birthday cake, trying not to offend anyone. I would say it was a nice gesture on his part. However, we were all laughing already because it was a mess!  There it sat in its container with its red and blue layers and what was supposed to be cream cheese frosting. My older daughter and I tried  “decorating” it with blueberries and strawberries. Then we tried to spell “Happy Birthday Dad” with fruit, which incidentally turned out as an unreadable set of letters that formulated HBD Dad. Then the inside of the cake somehow had the texture of cornbread. Even though I did NOT use any cornmeal. All in all I’m not really sure what happened but Grandpa’s cake was made with love and lots of laughter.

In any case, we had a good time. Which is all that matters.



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